Six Of Crows Dream Cast

I’ve finished reading Six of Crows yesterday and the emotions are still fresh, so excuse any sentence where I freak out too much.

This book was awesome, I DO understand the hype surrounding it, the characters were very intense, there was not a single point of view that I disliked reading. Six Of Crows is definitely a book that takes a lot of creativity to write, when you think: “It is not possible that their current situation could get worser!” and then they get into more trouble and they use fantastic plans to get through it.

I will not talk about the ending part even thought I really want to do it, let’s just say it was AWESOME! I bet Crooked Kingdom is going to be an hell of a ride! 😍


When I was half way through the book (in the middle of the whole week I took to read it 😒), I found myself thinking: “What a great movie this would be!”, and yeah, what a great 24 hour long movie this would be (if they didn’t include even the tiniest detail, I would take a shot of jurda parem so I could kick their ass).

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We all know that probably this is not the perfect cast for everyone but I do see them as the characters from the book.

Now a little announcement: as you may or may not know, I’ll be joining this year’s booktube-a-thon, but because I don’t own a youtube channel I’ll be posting video updates on my twitter. I’ll post every video update on here from day 1, in day 2′ morning and do that for the rest of the days.

I wish you all a very happy and sucessful booktube-a-thon. 😘


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