Haul // stationery, book and clothing

Hello fellow book lovers!

In the last weeks I’ve been doing some shopping, I bought some (much) stuff and as some of that stuff is awesome I’ll share some of those things with you. I’ll try to link everything but there are some things I bought at local stores so I won’t be able to do that.


Pink T-shirt from Bershka : link

White T-shirt from Bershka : link

White Sweatshirt from Stradivarius : link

Tree Choker from a store in my town : you can see in the main picture

Green Parka from a store in a town near me

Koala Pijama

Backpack that stole the rest of my money





American College USA Binder

Blue notebook from ancor

Mechanical Pencil


Post-it notes

Bic Highlighters 

Box of paper clips

100 pages of Lined Paper




A Darker Shade Of Magic by V.E. Schwab : goodreads link // store link

Vintage Notebook : store link // I present you my next journal



And that’s a wrap, this post was very quick but I love to watch and read about hauls, I find them so entertaining.



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