Sea Of Monsters by Rick Riordan : Review

Hello fellow booklovers, today I’ll be reviewing the last book I read, that is, in case you haven’t read the title, Sea Of Monsters, the second book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

First, I recommend that you close this post now, for your own good, if you haven’t read The Lightning Thief because major spoilers will hit you in the face and leave bleeding on the ground. 😱

Now, I hope that if you’re reading this you have read the first book, because I believe we all hate spoilers. This part of the review doesn’t include spoilers for Sea Of Monsters.


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We all saw how everything rolled in the first book, there’s a profecy about Percy that no one wants do tell him about, Luke stole the Lightning from Zeus so that a battle could start in Olympus, destroying everything. Hermes’ son was a servant of Cronos, the titan that ruled before the God’s era, and he believes that he can get Percy to join him on his mission to ascension.

I’ve always been a greek mitology nerd, mostly because of my adoration for the Percy Jackson movies, they were what introduced me to this amazing world built around this Gods that rule above all things and I’m forever greatful for that, but now that I’m finally reading the books, I feel like the movies are kinda poor, they’re good, just not when compared to the books.

We are introduced to a new sweet character, Tyson, as he tags along with Percy and Annabeth, Atena’s daughter, in this proibited mission to get the Golden Fleece, so it can cure the tree that’s keeping the barrer of Camp Half Blood up, before its destruction, and to save their  friend, Groover, that got himself into trouble.

This was a really good read for me, really fast paced and with funny and interesting characters that make me fall in love with this world even more, they even make jokes in the worst situations. Something I really enjoyed about this book is that it picked some Ulisses and Hercules’ adventures and showed how this kids dealed with them, we were able to watch once more, this Half Blood kids prove that they’re real heroes but they have flaws and insecurities like every single one of us.

I believe this is all I have to say in the non-spoiler part, overall I really liked this book and I gave 4/5 stars.




God, finally, I can express myself! So we start this adventure in Percy’s new school as we’re introduced to this new character, Tyson, Percy’s big, yet scared, friend. I must admit, again, that I already knew about the fact that Tyson was a ciclope and that it was the reason why annabeth didn’t like him. I loved Tyson from the beggining, because of his big heart and childish personality, but as read more and more, Tyson became one of my favourite characters from this series. His courage and the fact that he’s willing to give his life for his friends really addded up to Percy acepting him as his brother. Once more, I believed that Tyson was alive because of the movie, but the author really made me doubt that, as it took much time for Tyson to appear again, my heart was in real agony during that time.

As I said before, something that I really liked about this book was the adventures of the other heroes that were brought up, like the Island where Circe lived, the birds and the mermaids. There’s only a critic I have to add up and that’s the fact that I saw this adventures coming, I understood that Circe was in that Island as soon as the beautiful girl was described, and I had solved the birds problem before the race started (I read Ulisses for school and I have an animated version of Hercules’ adventures, that’s how I knew, I’m no genius).

In the mermaid’s Island, Annabeth asked Percy to tie her up so that she could listen to the mermaids sing, but as Percy turned around, Annabeth escaped and swam aiming to get to the Island, as Percy grabbed her he saw what was the mirage especting her on the Island: her parents together having a picnic with Luke, in a city designed from the ground by Annabeth herself, all of that was Annabeth’s most desired dream, her ambition. This was one of my favourite parts in the book, Annabeth is the most inteligent and one of the strongest persons in their group, yet she believed that Luke’s vision of the new world was very tempeting, that proved that as evil as Luke is, the fact that our world is messed up is true and the idea that they can built it up from the ground is quite acceptable.

Now, the ending. The end was mind blowing, not the part where Thalia was a person again because, once again, I saw the movie first, but the revelations and decisions that were made in the last chapters. First, the prophecy was something that I wasn’t expecting, but the plot twist in the end made it even more interesting because now there’s Percy and Thalia and we don’t know witch one is destined to destroy or save Olympus.

Tyson’s story almost made me tear up because it was so heartbreaking and I felt like he really deserved to win his fathers recognition when Poseidon invideted him to his underwater palace to work with the others from his species. Other thing about the ending was the fact that Tantalus is gone, god bless, he was the worst character, he was the equal of Donald Trump in Camp Half Blood, he was a racist and miserable piece of shit that deserved his fate.

I’ll read The Titan’s Curse any time soon, I feel like I’ll love Thalia and that she will be another female badass character to add to the other ones in this series.

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