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Hello fellow bookworms.

Welcome to the first post of this series, this series is called, as you may have noticed, Why We Read and it is pretty self explanatory, but you can, and should, continue reading if you want to know more about it.


This project is called “Why We Read” and my goal is to remind readers of the answer for that question. Personally, sometimes I feel overwhelmes with ARC’s reviews, blog posts, readathons and some years I stress about my goodreads goal too, and I believe many readers feel the same way, I want them to remember what is reading a book for the sole reason of enjoying it.

I think that we, in the book community, do more than just reading, we feel. We read because we want to escape, we read for the breaks we take along the way while reading a book because there are too many feeling hiting our hearts, we read because we think about plot twists and fictional characters when we’re not doing it, we read to feel.

I invited a group of people to help me with this project and, this month, the person I interviewed and who is helping me with my goal is the lovely my_book_opinions.

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Question 1: Who are you? We need to know who you are before we decide to trust you! (just kidding, though) Introduce yourself so we know you’re not a demon trying to take us to the dark side!

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