Top 5 Thursday : Music I’ve Been Loving Lately

Hello book lovers.

When I was younger, when it came to music I followed what my friend’s liked at the time, which lead to some pretty embaracing discoveries on my phone, but what I mean is that when I was younger I hadn’t a musical indentity.

This year I found my place in music: ALTERNATIVE! That’s the genre I like and listen the most, and I am not embaraced to listen to songs that no one in my school has ever heard of. “You listen to weird music!” my friend once said. I like my music and I am proud of every song that is currently on my phone.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you the artists I’ve been loving lately, some of them I’ve loved for a long time now, some are brand new obsessions. I’ll link the youtube video for every song if I can find it because I believe not everyone has spotify.


Halsey is my favourite singer, I’ve discovered her 2 years ago, I was watching this girl’s video and her outro had this catchy song that wouldn’t get out of my head, I looked up that song and that is how I discovered Ghost. Lately, I’ve been listening her most recent album (Hopeless Fountain Kingdom) a lot.

I’ve to admit that Halsey is not very popular around where I live, I only have one friend that likes her songs. Due to that, I actually secretly downloaded one of her songs to one of my classmates’ spotify and he went around my class asking who did it because it liked it so much, so that is a plus. 😁😁

My curent favourites songs:

🎵 Colors : youtube link

🎵 Young God : youtube link

🎵 Strange Love : youtube link

🎵 Eyes Closed : youtube link

🎵 Walls Could Talk : youtube link

🎵 Bad At Love : youtube link

🎵 Strangers : youtube link

🎵 Tokyo Narita : youtube link

I’ve been hearing Imagine Dragons since I was a kid and I actually never liked them that much, but now I AM OBSESSED with them. I actually don’t know when it started, I believe I already had downloaded all of their songs by Christmas in 2016, but I don’t remember what triggered it.

When I saw the date Evolve, their newest album, would be released in I almost broke my phone because it was the day I was going to do my CRUCIAL math exam. In that day, me and my friend, the one who likes Halsey, arrived to school saying “Let’s do this! I want to go home and listen to that album!”. Call it Imagine Dragons’ luck but I actually scored a 18.8 in that exam. 💪

They played a concert in Portugal in July and I get goosebumps everytime I watch it, I have in my computer and it is SO GOOD!


My curent favourites songs:

🎵 It’s Time : youtube link 

🎵 Amsterdam : youtube link

🎵 Hear Me : youtube link

🎵 My Fault : youtube link 

🎵 I Bet My Life : youtube link

🎵 Dream : youtube link

🎵 I’m So Sorry : youtube link

🎵 Walking The Wire : youtube link

🎵 Rise Up : youtube link

🎵  Yesterday : youtube link


I was never much of a fan of musicals but since I saw Duet in The Flash, which was a musical episode, I’ve been loving musicals.

I’ve been hearing every booktuber and their mother talking about how great Hamilton is, I decided to give it a go on July 30th and I’m hooked to it now. I sing to the songs all around my house ALL the time, my sister is constatly yelling at me to stop. 😁

One of my dreams now is to watch Hamilton live and, even though it will probably never happend, I keep getting exciting for that day to come.

My curent favourites songs:

🎵 Alexander Hamilton : youtube link

🎵 Aaron Bur, Sir 💚 : youtube link

🎵 The Sckyler Sisters : youtube link

🎵 Right Hand Man : youtube link

🎵 A Winter’s Ball : youtube link

🎵 Wait For It : youtube link

🎵 Cabinet Battle #1 : youtube link

🎵 Who lives, who dies, who tells your story : youtube link


Yes, I am fully aware that Panic! at the Disco is not only Brendon Urie, but I couldn’t find a png of the whole band.

I discovered Panic! at the disco through the song Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time in a fan video nominating Devon Bostick for some award.

I don’t have every album in my phone yet but I’ve been listening to Death Of A Bachelor non stop.

My curent favourites songs:

🎵 Hallelujah : youtube link

🎵 Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time : youtube link

🎵 Emperor’s New Clothes : youtube link

🎵 House Of Memories : youtube link

🎵 The Good, The Bad and The Dirty : youtube link

🎵 This Is Gospel : youtube link


I’ll let you know that this place has been The 1975’s and Bastille’s before I decided to include Pitch Perfect.

I had been puting these movies off for so long, I had been closing my eyes to every recommendation but as soon as I saw the first one, I saw the second one too. They are funny, they have amazing characters, the music is amazing and I love the Barden Bellas so much.

My favourites songs are not all from Pitch Perdect 2 but it is definitely my favourite ou of the two.

My curent favourites songs:

🎵 Kennedy Center Performance (before it blew up 😂) : youtube link

🎵 Lollipop : youtube link

🎵 Cups (“When I’m Gone”) – Campfire Version : youtube link

🎵 World Championship Finale 1 : youtube link

🎵 World Championship Finale 2 😭: youtube link

🎵 Since U Been Gone : youtube link

🎵 Bellas Finals  : youtube link

I hope you’ve liked this post, I am actually very proud of it. 😊 Feel free to leave a comment if you have any recommendations for me and I would love to know if you love any of the songs I mentioned.



Antecipated Releases For The Rest Of 2017

The first half of this year, 2017, was full with awesome movies, books and even tv shows coming out. This year we got to see Spiderman Homecoming, which I haven’t seen yet, and This Beautiful Fantastic, also the tv adaptation for Thirteen Reasons Why came out in March. In the bookish area the best releases for me were A Court Of Wings and Ruin and  The Gentleman’s Guide For Vice and Virtue, even though I haven’t picked up a single book that was released this year, besides a comic book that comes out in October.

This post, as it is explained in the title, is only dedicated to books, movies and tv shows that aren’t out yet.


This blog is dedicated, mostly, to books so I felt the need to start with that, here are the releases for the rest of the year that I am keeping an eye on. These books are not in order of publication.


Wild Beauty: Goodreads // Release date: October 3rd



They Both Die At The End: Goodreads // Release date: September 5th



Tower Of Dawn: Goodreads // Release Date: September 5th

This cover is so UGLY!!


The Language Of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic: Goodreads // Release Date: September 26th



Girls Made Of Snow and Glass: Goodreads // Release Date: September 5th



Without Merit: Goodreads // Release Date: October 3rd



Moxie: Goodreads // Release Date: September 19th



Warcross: Goodreads // Release Date: September 12th




I consider myself a movie enthusiat, I have seen White House Down almost 15 times and don’t even get me started on the Harry Potter series. I love movies, I prefer action and fantasy but I also like romance, comedy and movies about World War Two.

I am sorry for the list being so long, here are some awesome movies that come out before the end of the year.


The Greatest Showman: Trailer // Release Dates

Don’t let the movie poster fool you, it has an amazing trailer.

Home Again: Trailer // Release dates



Breathe: Trailer // Release Dates



Justice League: Trailer // Release Dates



Pitch Perfect 3: Trailer // Release Dates



Ferdinand: Trailer // Release Dates



tv shows.PNG

I watch a lot of Tv Shows, more than I like to admit, actually. My favourites include The 100 and How To Get Away With Murder, you can see my Top 5 in this post.

Recently I have found a tv shows that seems really interesting and will be airing on October.


The Good Doctor: Trailer // Release date: September 26th



And this is pretty much every movie, book and tv show release I’m looking forward to in the last months of 2017.

Are you excited for something that is going to be released soon? 



The Liebster Award

Hello fellow book lovers, I was nominated for The Liebster Award by the lovely The Wanderlust Reader  and you should definitely check her blog out because it is amazing. You can click here to read her post about The Liebster Awards.


  • Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award.
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 11 blogs
  • Notify them on the nomination
  • Give them 11 questions to answer


1. I am going to apply to college on Monday, July 24th, and I’m crazy scared, I think I’ll become a anxiety ball until the results for the application come out.

2. When I was little, I was chasing my sister around the house, I fell and I broke my teeth, four of them. I spent a year in pre school with almost no front teeth.

3. I spend most of my day either on youtube or watching tv shows, my favorite youtubers right now include Jessie Paege and Floral Princess, besides I am obsessed with The Big Bang Theory.

4. Me and one of my friend try new food every friday, we have tasted every gum flavour in the stores close to our school.

5. I have a page in my journal dedicated to travel planning, and I have a never ending list of places that I want to visit, some of them in my own country. The best trip I went on was to Salamanca, Spain, with my friends and we’ve been thinking about going back since we came back in April.

6. I am fluent in English and I’ve learned it, in the beginning,  with the Harry Potter movies.

7. I have ornithophobia which is the fear of birds, I can’t stand being close to a chicken and I look patetic when I am near pigeons, I seriously look like a ninja.

8. My friends say I have a weird taste in music just because I listen to The 1975 and Halsey, besides I have the The Flash Musical Episode Soundtrack and Pitch Perfect Soundtrack on my phone.

9. The reason why Nesta is on my blog header is because 90% of the time I look as pissed off as she does, almost everything can trigger my bad mood.

10. I suck at sports, every single one of them, I wish I could just play volleyball but it is just not something that I can do.

11. I am crazy for superheroes, my favorites are Captain America from Marvel and The Flash from DC.


1. What book/series got you into reading?

My godmother was the person that got me into reading, she always gave me tons of books that I devored, but my favorite series that I read and reread several times as a kid was Geronimo Stilton, to this day I still like to watch the cartoon and I am 17.

2. What are some of your favorite artists?

I am a music addict so this is a long list: Imagine Dragons, Halsey, The 1975. Fun., Panic! At the Disco, Ed Sheeran, Melanie Martinez, and I am currently obsessed with Gone Now by Bleachers.

3. What are some blogging tips you have for beginners?

I am a beginner myself so I am not the best person to give advice about that.

4. If your life-story was being turned into a movie, who would you want to play you?

Let’s face it, my life is too boring to be turned into a movie, but if I turn out to be the badass activist I aspire to be, then I want Lindsey Morgan to play me, not because we look alike but because she is able to kick every dictator’s butt herself.

5. If you could travel through time, would you go take a peek at the past or would you rather see what’s to come and go into the future?

I would go into the past to see if what they taught me in history class was true.

6. What’s your dream career/job?

I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, but that dream is almost impossible because my grades are not that high, so I’ll be applying to nursing school. Also, as a part time job, I would love to work in a library.

7. What’s your favorite childhood movie?

When I was 7 years old, my cousin gave me a movie called Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princesses, when I was older my favorite movie turned out to be Madagascar 3, I even remember seeing it with my godmother in cinema.

8. What was your favorite subject in school?

Math was my favourite subject and I think I was good at it, I actually scored 19/20 on my math exam. Math and books have the benefit of taking my mind of my problems.

9. Do you collect anything? If so, what is it that you collect?

Everytime I buy something, whether it is for me or a present for someone, I keep the receipt. Now I have a box full of them and I find it awesome how I can look at them and think “Oh, i remember buying this on this trip”.

10. What’s your favorite thing to do besides reading?

Watching tv shows or movies.

11. If you could live anywhere in space (e.g. any planet, galaxy, star, moon, etc) where would you live and why?

I would still live in Earth because this is where all of the magic is happening, but I would love to travel through our galaxy, which would only be possible if I lived for thousands of years.




1. Do you have a reading goal for this year?

2. What is your favorite place in the whole world?

3. If you could play a character from a book, which one would you like to play?

4. Who are your favorite booktubers, bookstagramers, or even book bloggers?

5. What is your favorite memory?

6. Are you telented on something? Talk about it.

7. What is the name of your favorite book to movie/ Tv show adaptation?

8. What is you favorite cartoon?

9. What’s your favorite holiday?

10. Who’s you celebrity crush?

11. If you could wear only one pair of socks for the rest of yout life, which one would you wear?

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did click in the like button, and answer some of my questions in the comments if you were not nominated. Follow my blog if you want to be notified when I publish a new post.

Have a great weekend. 😘😘